At Heelman we have a high quality and reliable capacity profile. Please see below for capacity list.

CNC Lathes

Star 16mm SB16

Star 20mm SR20 R1V TYPE A

Star 32mm SR32J

Star 32mm SR32J11

Puma          2600SY      Twin Spindle

Lynx           220LSY      Twin Spindle

Hardinge    Elite 8/51

Machining Centres

HAAS UMC-750 5 Axis

HAAS UMC-500 5 Axis

XYZ 1060 5 Axis

XYZ 1020 4 Axis

The addtion of the two Haas 5 axis VMC has been a very positive addtion to our capacity.

Addtional investments in machine tools are planned for 2023/24 to further increase our capacity.

We can also offer various finishing services including heat treatmentS and a full array of  plating treatments to offer our customers the complete solution.


Heelman Ltd provide a high class CNC solution for all of your part requirements.

Small batch, prototypes, reverse engineering.

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Highly Skilled Workforce

High Quality and Modern

Machine Tools

Small, Medium And Large Batch Work

Short Lead Times